Women in Sudan

Women in Sudan

All around the world there are courageous and creative women working for peace, social justice and a secured future. There is a global network named Peace Women across the Globe. The initiative comprises 1000 women who were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. Sixteen women from this list are from Sudan.
Women in Sudan have always been very active and courageous compared to other Arab countries. Sudanese women form a major part of the working people in all sectors. One can see women driving cars in Sudan.
I recently attended a doctors’ conference and found that more than 60% of the attendees were women. Later I read the GMS column by A.S.Akoronki and was confirmed that the general ratio in higher education is 67% for females and 33% for males. On Women’s day a few women dedicated the special day to the ‘Ubiquitous Tea Women’ in Khartoum by playing their role. This was to show respect to their job and effort to earn money for their children and family.
A few local singers have composed new songs to commemorate Mother’s Day. Many of my Sudanese friends posted their picture with their mother in social media.
One of the heroes of Sudan is Fatima Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim. She has written four books. ‘Our War to Freedom’; ‘Our Harvest in Twenty Years’; ‘Arabs Women and Social Changes’ and the fourth book written in English is titled ‘An Outcry’.


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