Cutest Greek Couple in Sudan


The loving old couple you see in this picture is Terry Gabrialidis,75 and his wife Helen. Terry’s father Panayioti was born in Greece in 1908. As a youngster he ventured out of Greece and came to Alexandria in Egypt and then to Khartoum, Sudan. He was one of the pioneers of Lemonade in Sudan. Terry was born in Khartoum. He graduated from Comboni College and started importing automotive spare parts. The popular Greek snack bar named Pitta came to him by default from a fellow Greek who went back to his country. This was thirty years ago when around 7000 Greeks lived in this country. Today there are only 150 of them. They have a church, a school and a club for their community. I enjoy the Koftas in Greek Pitta near Marwa Bookshop off Ghamoria street in downtown Khartoum.

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