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2nd International Cardiology Conference in Khartoum


This was the 2nd International Cardiology Conference held in Khartoum organized by Sudan Heart Society from 8th to 10th February’14 with Dr.Saad Subahi as the President of the society. The conference was well attended by Consultant Cardiologists, Interventional Cardiologists, Cardiac surgeons and all Doctors in Sudan who are pursuing a career in Cardiology. There were 15 International speakers from USA, Ireland, UK, France, Poland, Germany, Italy, Singapore, South Africa, KSA, Qatar and UAE. The conference was preceded by workshops for Sudanese doctors with hands-on sessions conducted by experts from UK, Germany and KSA.

Dr.Saad Subahi President of Sudan Heart Society said that after the successful first International conference of Cardiologists held in Khartoum last year, the society has achieved a lot both internally and externally. Internally the society has held regular educational programmes for health providers including doctors, nurses and technicians through seminars and short symposia. The society has collaborated with the Ministry of Health in writing protocols for treatment of various diseases. Most important has been for the prevention of acute rheumatic fever in children of age ranging from 5 to 15 named Awareness, Surveillance, Advocacy and Prevention (ASAP). The recommendation is a single long acting Penicillin injection for children having sore throat without running nose and cough. This has been accepted by both the Federal Ministry of Health and the Khartoum State Ministry of Health. The Sudan Heart Society has also written the protocol to manage acute chest pain or angina in primary, secondary and tertiary health centres. Training of health care workers has been conducted in Wad Madani, Atbara and Kareema. The society has collaborated with other societies in educating patients and public as well in creating awareness and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and celebrated World Heart Day.

Externally Sudan Heart Society has satisfied the criteria of European Society of Cardiology for its accreditation and it’s a matter of pride that Sudan after South Africa is the second nation in the Sub-Saharan African region to become a member of ESC. Sudan Heart Society is also represented in the executive committee of Pan African Society of Cardiology with the positions of Vice President –North and Asst. Secretary General-North.

Prof.Mamoun Homeida Khartoum State Minister of Health addressed the gathering at the inauguration of the conference. He spoke highly of the Cardiologists in Sudan and announced the opening of the new building and facilities at Al Shaab Teaching Hospital in Khartoum. Now this hospital is dedicated for Chest and Heart patients both for surgery and treatment. It has 62 beds in ICU with new advanced equipments for Echo and Bronchoscope. Prof.Homeida is hopeful that Cardiac and Chest patients will benefit from these advanced technologies and that patients from neighbouring countries will also travel to Al Shaab Hospital for treatment


Sudan awards Indian Foreign Minister his first PhD


At a ceremony on 4th Feb’14, University of Alzeim Azhari, Khartoum, Sudan conferred an Honorary Doctoral Degree on Mr.Salman Khurshid, Indian Minister of External Affairs. The Indian Foreign Minister was on a state visit and met his Sudanese counterpart Ali Karti and other senior officials in Khartoum. Mr.Salman Khurshid took some time out and met the members of the Indian community at the residence of the Ambassador of India Mr.Sanjay Kumar Verma. While addressing the gathering the Minister said that he was elated as this was his first PhD. He added that this honour was not for him but very clearly for India. He said that being the Foreign Minister of India means having the best of goodwill all over the world. India has been very cautious and careful in Africa but needs to reach out more and particularly in Sudan as Sudan is a very important partner. He has discussed with the Sudanese Foreign Minister about creating a park in Sudan and naming it after Mahatma Gandhi. India will also bring in some interesting trees, plants and flowers in the park. He concluded by saying that India owes a lot to Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Rabindranath Tagore because without these great souls India would have had an empty plate.

Dr.Salman Khurshid is a writer and his play in search of India titled ‘Sons of Babur’ was much appreciated in Sudan and may be one of the many reasons of being awarded an honorary doctoral degree. It is reportedly being translated into Arabic with the title ‘Ibna Babur’. The name of the protagonist in ‘Sons of Babur’ is Rudranshu Mitra. I asked His Excellency Salman Khurshid whether his friend in Oxford Rudrangshu Mukherjee was the inspiration for the name. He agreed immediately and added that he had sent the script to Rudrangshu before publishing but he did not correct the spelling with the ’g’. He remembered the debates he had with Rudra in Oxford. I remember Rudrangshuda from our days in Presidency College. I have seen the historian in action as a pace bowler in the college pitch.