Christmas Painting Competition


What can be more memorable than to celebrate Christmas Day with children by organizing a painting and drawing competition ! The Ambassador of India H.E.Mr.Sanjay Kumar Verma and his wife Mrs.Gunjan Verma spent Christmas Day with 52 children from the Indian community. The Indian Ladies Club organized this painting and drawing competition at the Ambassador’s residence. They split the children in three age groups with three different themes. The youngest group was of the age range 5-8 years and were given the subject ‘My Merry Christmas’ with crayons, sketch pens and pencil colours; the age group 9-12 years had the theme ‘Sudan through My Eyes’ in water colours and ‘A Glimpse of the Future World’ was the topic for the age group 13-16. The winners in the youngest group from first to third were Kritika Sharma, Mantasna Sheikh and Palak Sawan Kamdar. The winners in the middle group from first to third were Shakuntala Brahmam, Ronit Roy and M.V. Amalendhu. In the group from 13-16 years the first prize was won by Yayasvi Murali, second by Divya Sekar and the third prize went to Prateek Samal. All 52 children went home with a certificate and a message that the most important thing is not winning but in taking part.





Yasasvi MuraliShakuntalaKrithika Sharma

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