New Year’s Celebrations in Omdurman


The Indian community of Omdurman celebrated their New Years evening on 4th November at the Indian club in Omdurman. Young brothers and sisters of the community danced to their favourite Hindi film songs with enthusiasm and energy. To greet them on this auspicious day was the Vice Governor of Omdurman Yassein Ahmed Mohamed and the Chief of Omdurman Police Yassir Al Kitiyabi. Charge d’Affairs of the Indian Embassy Subhash P Gupta wished the Gujarati community a Very Happy Diwali and New Year. Dr.Anil Kumar Mithani President of the Indian Community welcomed and congratulated the community members. Vice Governor Yassein made an interesting observation that both the Hijri New Year and Gujarati New Year coincided at the same time. This was only the tip of the ice berg of the similarities of culture between India and Sudan. 


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