Educators-led Diabetes Mini Clinics in Sudan


“There are 1.7 million diabetic patients in Sudan” said Prof.Mohamed Ali Eltom, “and the number is increasing because of the social life. Consumption of excessive sugar, starch, oil and no exercise is the cause. We need to work on both prevention and care at the primary level”.

Diabetes Care Organization (DCO) was formed three years ago under the Chairmanship of Prof. Mohamed Ali Eltom. DCO is a non-profit organization comprising health professionals, businessmen, social activists spread across 12 states in Sudan who work with Diabetics, provide them with medications, advocacy, tell them about patient rights and carry out awareness campaigns on diabetes. They had a campaign last Thursday in a village called Kabashi in Khartoum North.
Under the leadership of former Ambassador Dr.Mohamed Ali Eltom, DCO has initiated a one year post graduate diploma course for ‘Diabetes Educators’. This is in collaboration with the University of Ahfad and the Federal Ministry of Health. This course will be provided for 100 healthcare professionals. The course will consist of a three-month intensive training at the University of Ahfad that includes lectures, workshops, student presentations, and clinical work. The curriculum of the course is based on the “International Curriculum for Diabetes Health Professional Education” designed by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). Upon successful completion and examination of the postgraduate course, students will be granted a diploma in diabetes education. The course has been approved by the scientific board of the University of Ahfad, and accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Following the course, diabetes educators will complete a nine month internship at Diabetes Mini Clinics, and sign contracts to work at the DMC for three years after completing the training program. In addition, the diabetes educators will be the focal point of the Diabetes Association and act as diabetes coordinators for the district health authority. The DMCs will be integrated into the existing health care system. The key feature of the DMCs will be self-management and care training delivered by well-informed diabetes educators and medical practitioners. Each DMC will dedicate at least one day per year for community diabetes screening and awareness.
Prof.Mohamed Al Eltom said that the Diabetes Centre in Dongula is the best so far with mobile clinic, awareness programmes and patient monitoring. DCO provides only technical support but no financial assistance.

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