Life saving medicines donated to Khartoum State Ministry of Health


We are all aware that recent rains and floods have affected thousands of people in Khartoum and other areas. Some of the people have lost their lives and the rest have lost their homes and property. As an aftermath of this crisis the major problem that arises in the affected people are diseases like malaria, gastrointestinal infections and other infections. As a social responsibility to help the affected people, Fast International Company a leading importer of medicines from India, Jordan, Cyprus, Austria, Switzerland and Egypt donated life saving medicines and other medications to the Khartoum State Ministry of Health on 2nd September’13. Dr.Mamoun Homeida thanked Dr.Tarig Mohy Eldin Algemiabi the Chairman & CEO of the company. The value of the medicines donated was SDG 400 million. Dr.Tarig was happy to extend this help because the State Ministry he said knows where and who are the needy people for these medications.



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