Sudan bids Farewell to ONGC Chief Dr.Anil Bhandari


The river Nile in Sudan is pronounced as An neel. It sounds similar to Anil. This perhaps is one reason which brought Anil Bhandari to Sudan on 6th July 2011 as Country Manager and Executive Director of ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL). OVL is India’s largest international oil and gas exploration and production company. Dr.Anil Bhandari’s contribution in Sudan in these two years has been exemplary. During his tenure as country manager, the GNPOC operating company accreted highest ever reserves of 93.33 MMSTB and initiated Improved Oil Recovery and Enhanced Oil Recovery (IOR/EOR) program in Heglig and Bamboo fields of Sudan. This key highlight of his achievement involved delicate handling of sensitive situation in partitioned Sudan regime while preserving the ONGC/OVL interests intact. The Corporate Responsibility Programs in the last 2 years organized by Dr.Bhandari were much appreciated because it benefited the needy people of Sudan in the peripheries of Khartoum. Health Clinics are running in its operational areas. Free Diabetic and medical camps in different hospitals & Medical centers were organized in Khartoum. These camps provided free consultation, and medicines to thousands of under privileged patients. In the area of Education 5000 school kits have been distributed to children in different schools in Khartoum State and West Kordofan. Some schools have been supported with Black Boards and other teaching aids. Assistance was also provided in form of class room tables-chairs and civil repairs of school buildings. The company also supported the students at Khartoum University – Faculty of Mathematics, Science with Licenses for IT Library, which allows them to access thousand of latest IT books. OVL together with Sudan Football Association has distributed 10,000 footballs to various sports clubs & schools in the different parts of Sudan State. OVL provided assistance in planting, ploughing, seeding and technical services for cultivating sorghum food grain in 6,000 acres of land to cover large segment of community in the Unity and Kordofan states (Debap/ Nama). Over 11,000 poor family members have benefited in getting sorghum food grains. OVL along with International Volunteers Women’s Group (IVWG) together funded and built the Branch No.3 of Al Amal Institution for Deaf & Dumb in Omdurman and also completed the building of the classrooms in this school. ONGC also provided the furniture to these class rooms. Dr. Anil Bhandari is an eminently proficient geologist. His core competence spans the entire spectrum of Exploratory and Developmental aspects of the Indian oil industry. Dr. Bhandari’s scholastic achievements include a number of well-regarded scientific publications (including books), invited lectures and plenary and distinct accolades for his geo-scientific research. His remarkable contributions in the field of Geology brought him national recognition through coveted National Mineral Award-2002 of the Government of India, followed by Prof. S.N Bhalla Gold medal in 2009 by the Paleontological Society of India. Besides contributing to the practical and theoretical landscape of the oil industry, Dr. Bhandari has been propelling career and leadership development at various levels of ONGC Ltd. for past fifteen years. As ONGC’s team leader, he lead negotiations with South Sudan Government on Transitional Agreement on ONGC’s operating blocks in Sudan. This includes his prominent role in African Union Negotiations at Addis Ababa between Sudan and South Sudan on oil tariff—a topic that has attracted world attention. It is time for us to bid him farewell because he has been promoted as Director- Explorations and will be based at the ONGC headquarters in New Delhi. His selection came out of 15 prominent contenders for the high profile post. In a recent interview after his selection for the top post, Dr.Bhandari said Oil security of nation is the main concern to ONGC. OVL has set the target to achieve 20 MMT of Oil and Oil Equivalent Gas by 2018 and 60 MMT by 2030.To achieve this target he would focus on balance portfolio by acquiring producing assets and developed assets in focus areas. About the long term goals, Bhandari said “We are an E&P company and should focus on exploration assets that can produce in the next seven or eight years. OVL should buy good conventional exploration assets at nascent stage without paying too much of a premium to hit OVL’s target to produce 60m tones of oil equivalent by 2030” People in Sudan particularly the Indian community will miss both Dr.Anil Bhandari and his wife Mrs. Anju Bhandari. Both were very social and Mrs. Anju Bhandari has been an excellent hostess and organizer of community functions. We wish that they visit Khartoum in future both for oil explorations and simply to drink the water of An neel.


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