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When The Two Commandants Met


Commandant of the National Defence Academy (NDA) of India, Air Marshal K.S.Gill made a two day visit to Sudan. He visited the Sudan Military College, Joint Military Staff College & Higher Military Academy, and Karary University and met senior Military Officers of Sudan. Air Marshal Gill was very impressed with the infrastructure he saw during his visit. He thanked Maj.Gen.Yahya Mohamed Kher Ahmed the Commandant of Sudanese Military College for his hospitality. He also thanked Brig.Gammar Defence Attaché of Sudan in India who had met him at NDA and invited him to Sudan. Air Marshal Gill was accompanied by Colonel Girish Kalia Defence Attaché of India in Cairo; Mr. Subhash P. Gupta, Second Secretary of the Embassy of India, Khartoum and Maj.Bora of the Indian Army.

Interestingly the magnificent administrative building in NDA is named Sudan Block in honour of the sacrifices of Indian soldiers in the liberation of Sudan in the East African Campaign during World War II. It was inaugurated by then Ambassador of Sudan to India, Rahmatullah Abdulla, on 30 May 1959.