Healthcare Leader in Video Marketing- Mankind Pharma

‘Aab na rukenge hum, Bharat ko atmanirbhar bana kar lenge dum’ is Mankind Pharma’s cover theme across all its social media handles. Fourth largest pharma company Mankind Pharma has also launched an Atmanirbhar anthem ‘Hum se bhetar hum, bolo Vandemataram’ in video sung by Shankar Mahadevan in Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam and Kannada. Kailash Kher has collaborated with Mankind to sing it in Marathi and Daler Mehndi in Punjabi. I’m sure the one in Bengali will be out soon. No Pharmaceutical company in India has been as prolific as Mankind in video marketing, be it brands or corporate. 75 videos in YouTube with 56K subscribers has had 142M views. IQVIA report of June2020 has reflected @mankind with highest growth at 13% (MAT) among the top 10 pharma companies, in both total sales audit (TSA) and secondary sales audit (SSA), while the industry is growing at 7%. As a believer in social media marketing with celebrity influencers, I would ascribe part of the growth to its consumer products Manforce Assorted Condoms Pack – 4 flavors (Set of 10, 40 Pieces), Prega News, Unwanted 21-days, Kabz End, Kaloree1, Acne Star and others. I am posting their video of topical relevance that was uploaded 4 days back and has already received 4.42M ‘views’, 67 ‘comments’ and 1.45K ‘likes’ on YouTube. Ironically, it was forwarded to me by a Physician friend on WhatsApp.

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Small can be Mighty -Jenburkt’s Favipiravir @Rs35

Jenburkt, a 120 crore pharma company has proven that small can be mighty. It has launched Favivent, its brand of Favipiravir, almost at a generic price of Rs.39 a tablet compared to the biggies with Rs.75 a tablet. Hats off to Ashish Bhuta the MD and CEO of Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Limited who said “Given the current scenario of grave health concerns and economic challenges surrounding COVID-19 in India, if we as a pharmaceutical company cannot make a significant positive difference to the society, our company’s very existence is inconsequential”. Earlier this year, the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) had approved the use of Favipiravir — an antiviral drug developed in Japan and commonly used for treating influenza — for the treatment of mild to moderate cases of COVID-19 in India.

Valour of Vaccine Volunteer -Deepak Paliwal

Deepak Paliwal is a true hero. He wanted to be part of the effort to fight Covid-19 and he did it. He was the Indian in London who volunteered for the Oxford Vaccine trial. These clinical trials have three phases. Both Phase I/II were tried on 1125 healthy humans who were screened and injected.

Deepak was selected as a volunteer in the Phase II trial and was given the first dose on 11th May. He was in the group who received a second dose a week later. On both the occasions there was pain in the arm where he received the intramuscular vaccination. This was accompanied by a slight temperature.

That’s it and now he is in the pink of health, as always. The Phase III trials are underway in different countries like Italy, Brazil, South Africa and others. This time 10000 healthy bodies like Deepak will be inoculated. The outcome so far is promising in terms of safety and antibody development in the volunteers.

Just gathered from some of Deepak’s ex-colleagues in Ranbaxy, Piramal (now Abbotts) and AstraZenexa that he was a ‘daring’ person and a prankster. Well, these are the kind of people who stand up for a humanitarian cause. Congratulations Deepak Paliwal.

Antibacterials need to have good taste

Asian Paint’s Royale Luxury Emulsion is the antibacterial paint that cares for you. It kills 99% of bacteria with its silver ion technology which is recommended by Indian Medical Association. Zodiac shirts branded as Securo kills 99% of the Covid-19 virus with HEIQ VIROBLOCK Swiss Technology. The ubiquitous 10 sec TVC of Greenlam Anti-Bacterial Laminates in almost all regional languages describes in their YouTube channel that ‘Food kept on a Greenlam Anti-Bacterial Laminate is always safe to eat. Our surface is food-contact suitable and retards the growth of common bacteria up to 99.99%*’. Ladies at home just turn away their face with disgust from the TV before this man, in the ad, polishes off the food from the table and joyfully puts it in his mouth. Being antibacterial is one thing and tasting to other’s distaste is something else. Greenlam’s earlier commercials uploaded two months back with antibacterial theme were much more palatable. #antibacterial #healthandsafety

Hope the ‘repurposing’ is purposeful – psoriasis to covid cytokine storm

ALZUMAb, Biocon’s brand of Itolizumab is a joint research product with Cuba. It was officially launched in India in 2013 for Psoriasis, an autoimmune skin disorder with white scales. Being a monoclonal antibody, Itolizumab down regulates the pro-inflammatory cytokines. With this knowledge the Cubans used it on severe Covid patients and got promising outcomes. Biocon is now conducting trials in six hospitals in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru. One more promising contender to fight the ‘Cytokine storm’. We hope this ‘Repurposing’ is purposeful.

Measuring Oxygen Saturation at Home is a Sensible Idea

It is a sensible idea to keep a Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter at home. It has the potential to diagnose and monitor Covid symptoms. The pulse oximeter is a simple device which has to be clipped onto the finger . When switched on it measures the pulse or the rate of heart beat and the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. The device by shining a light through the skin detects the colour of the blood and determines the oxygen saturation. If the reading is 95% , it means that 5% of red blood cells lack oxygen. Normal healthy person will have 95-100%. If the reading is less than 95% the doctor needs to be consulted who will advise how to get the extra oxygen needed. It has often been reported that hypoxia (lack of oxygen) occurs before the patient feels shortness of breath. Thus oxygen level monitoring with Oxy-Med Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter at home can help to save precious time.

Boost Immunity, Fight Covid-19. Drink water from Copper bottle

Did you know that drinking water from copper bottle helps you strengthen immunity and makes you an infection fighter? Yes, this is what we need today to remain strong in immunity and defeat Covid-19. There are many more health benefits in drinking water from a copper bottle. Please the link to buy this beautiful Ayurveda copper bottle

Mera Bharat Mahan-our nation is great. India’s first indigenous vaccine against Covid-19

Bharath Biotech has maintained a rather low profile since its operations in 1996. Low profile but with high productivity, because it has 160 patents to its credit and has introduced vaccines for more than a dozen diseases like Hib , Poliomyelitis, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, H1N1, Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis, Hepatitis B, Rotavirus and Typhoid. With this brilliant track record in the biotech domain, it is not surprising that Bharath Biotech today has manufactured  COVAXIN  India’s ‘first’ indigenous COVID-19 vaccine, developed in collaboration with University of Wisconsin, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Thomas Jefferson University and the National Institute of Virology (NIV). Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has given the go ahead to conduct human trials with COVAXIN. Hearty congratulations to Dr.Krishna M.Ella and his wife Suchitra Ella who returned from US two decades back to lead innovation and their fight against mankind’s dreaded diseases globally from Hyderabad. We keep our fingers crossed for a safe outcome of the human trials. Mera Bharath Mahan.

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