My Maiden Bike Taxi Ride

The other day when Autos were not available, I tried the Rapido Bike Taxi Service. Zoom came the Captain. Offered me a helmet and rode me to my destination in less time and money. My maiden pillion ride in the Bike Taxi was quite thrilling. I have had five different rides since then. My friends and family are cautioning me of the risks at my age. What is your experience?

Sky’s the limit for Akash

Akash is one of those multi-talented students of final year PUC at Parkrma Humanity Foundation. His talents range from Arts to Sports. I am pleased to share some of his calligraphic arts and his achievements in long distance races. He recently completed 10kms in 43.34 minutes. He is also interested in gymnastics and wants to build his career in Designing. Wish him all the very best. #art #calligraphy #longdistancerunning #10km #gymnastics #designing #parikrmahumanityfoundation

Growth Stimulant for Pets

My mother used to say that I had a weak liver when I was a child. She said Liv52 made me stronger. Liv52 is among the Top 10 brands in the total pharmaceutical market in India. Liv52 is well-known not just for humans but for pets as well. This Liv 52 pet syrup has been formulated by Himalaya, especially for dogs and cats. Liv52 is a natural appetite stimulant that increases appetite in your pets. Liv. 52 PET protects the liver from toxins, drugs, and chemicals. Liv52 restores the function of the damaged liver by promoting the regeneration of liver cells. I know that pets love the taste of Liv52 and they don’t resist when we administer Liv52 syrup to them. Click this link for your pet-

Creative Writing from Sudan

Khartoum, Sudan 2015

“Creative Writing from the Sudans” was set up in 2013 by a group of friends passionate about the Sudans (Sudan and South Sudan). Their aim was to collect and publish writings that reflected some of the more positive aspects of the two countries. A writing competition was held in early 2014 and the entries were outstanding. With the help of internationally acclaimed author @leilaaboulela Leila Aboulela, the winning pieces were chosen and in August 2014 ‘I Know Two Sudans’ an anthology of creative writing about Sudan and South Sudan, was published in 16Mar 2015.

Philip Kotler-92 at 91 and counting

Philip Kotler-A Major Glass Collector

Philip Kotler has 92 books on Marketing to his credit and he is turning 91 on 27 May. We studied Philip Kotler’s first book titled Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, and Control (Prentice-Hall, 3rd Edition) during our MBA days. Lost track of his books thereafter. but thanks to the numerous webinars, the Father of Modern Marketing was more visible on our screens. Watched him launch Marketing 5.0; H2H Marketing; Brand Activism from Purpose to Action; Corporate Social Responsibility; Lateral Marketing and Winning At Innovation. We also had the privilege of taking screenshots of his presentations. In one of these virtual conferences, I heard him say that he is a ‘major glass collector’ and the one pictured is his favourite. He praises the artist for showing the fragile planet with a tree inside the earth. “We need to treat it right so that the trees continue to grow,” he said. On his birthday I’m going to gift myself Marketing 6.0-Entrepreneurial Marketing

Cipla Foundation Felicitates Students of Parikrma Humanity Foundation

Parikrma Humanity Foundation is thankful to Cipla Foundation for felicitating 21 SSLC Toppers from our four schools at Sahkarnagar, Koramangala, Jayanagar, and Nandini Layout. The students received Merit Awards of significant amounts. The present 10th standard students also attended the event so that they are motivated to do better in their upcoming exams.

Parikrma Festival of Science

Shukla Bose

Parikrma Festival of Science (3-5 March) provided a collaborative and inclusive platform to 350 students from 35 schools to listen to eminent speakers on Climate Change such as Kim Gutschow, Ricky Kej, Bittu Sahgal, Ashish Kothari, Sanjay Vashist, Chandni Singh, Harini Nagendra, Chetna Puroshotham, Chitra Massey, Geetha Ramaswamy, Bijal Vaccharajani, Disket Angmo, and Edible Archives. Meanwhile, the students, in assorted teams, got into breakout rooms and worked together to present a Mock COP27 pledge. Shukla Bose Founder CEO at Parikrma Humanity Foundation said that the 8th Festival of Science was a sample of sustainability, with Synopsys India’s support from the very beginning. The concept behind the festival, she said, is to bring science outside the textbooks and classroom and to understand that science is not for exams but we need it for everyday life. Climate change is staring at our face and the problems are emerging and growing. 93% of the Indian population breathes polluted air. Children must be taken seriously, she added, that is why we have serious speakers talk to them in a child-friendly way.

Defense Point of View

This PTI photo which appeared in Deccan Herald dated 26 Feb caught my attention for more reasons than one. Firstly, Kudos to the PTI lensman for his ‘point of view’ in which he captured all three top Army Officers who are clearly visible with no overlapping. My other point of interest is that when you have the Navy Chief and the Air Force Chief at the ceremony why is the Vice Chief of the Army present and not the Army Chief. Is the Army Vice Chief Lt. Gen. Manoj Pande our next Army Chief, when the present General retires in April’22? Will Gen. M. M. Naravane be the CDS, once he retires?

Chalk and blackboard

In my new avatar as a teacher, in the last four years, I have experienced all modes of teaching, technology-driven, both offline and online. My belief is that the ‘chalk and blackboard’ benefits both the Teacher and the Students in many ways. The teacher needs to prepare well for the lesson, has flexibility in delivery, and most importantly can monitor the attention level of the students.

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