Social distancing is a challenge in Sudan

Everyday is Hug Day in Sudan. Hugging with rapid fire exchange of pleasantries is a custom and part of the culture. Longer the absence of having met, longer is the exchange of pleasantries. In fact, the people of Sudan are so friendly, one could hug a stranger in the streets. During these days of ‘Hands Face Space’ it must be a feeling of unpleasantness of not hugging to greet someone.

Seth Godin’s daily blogging is a fantastic practice

The Practice says that there is a method and approach, a way, to do the work you want to do. There are no guarantees that come with it. It might not change the people, you seek to change. It might not earn you a dollar. It might not get you applause. It might not work but will always work better than anything else you can do. The practice will help you to get unstuck and find the courage to make and share creative work. Seth Godin insists that writer’s blog is a myth and that Consistency is more important than authenticity and experiencing that imposter syndrome is a sign you are a well adjusted human. Most of all he shows you what it takes to turn your passion from a private distraction to a productive contribution, the one you have been seeking to share all along. (from the interview in Behind the Brand )

Nine Indian Vaccine Players

India contributes to 60-70% of global supplies of vaccines and is again set to become a hub in the Covid-19 vaccine manufacture. These are the nine Indian companies involved with the development/clinical trials/distribution/manufacture of the much awaited Covid-19 vaccines. Wish them all the best to enable protection to us from Coronavirus in 2021.

World Pharma Brand Managers Day

Listen Live to Mr. Bhaskar Chakravorti on the Topic: Strategy Execution for Becosules

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Sanjoy Mitra, PhD
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Experiments in Leadership

Received a Christmas Gift today. The book titled Experiments in Leadership: A comprehensive guide for Leaders with 80+ real-life case studies from the author Girish Batra  –Futurist and Change Seeker. Girish is the Founder of Glocal Projects which has been helping student ideapreneurs apply ‘Design Thinking’ to their idea and convert it to a working prototype ready to pitch for investment and mentorship. He is also Co-Founder of JumpStrat Business Consulting – He has also been ‘living his promise’ through #livingmypromise He is ex-CEO of TIL and Ex-Director of Whirlpool.

Strength, Determination and Success against Covid-19

Our gardener is doing a good job. The season is also favorable. Can we say ‘flowerable’? I noticed this Amaryllis in the morning. There is Greek mythology behind Amaryllis. It symbolizes strength, determination and success. It is associated with love and beauty, but it is more relevant today in giving us strength, determination and success against Covid-19. Today, the Prime Minister visited all three vaccine manufacturing Indian companies in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Pune in a single day. That is Amaryllis…

Gifted face mask to my sister on Bhai Dooj

According to mythology, Yamraj, the God of Death visited his sister Yami or Yamuna. He was welcomed by his sister with ‘tilak’. Moved by his sister’s love, Yamraj presented her with a significant gift of love and affection. The God of Death also declared that any brother who would receive a ‘tilak’ from his sister on this day, should never be afraid of death. On receiving my tilak from my sister, I gifted her with face masks and I’m less afraid of death, due to Covid-19.

You have given us galore Soumitrada, now rest in peace

Never felt so sad and forlorn before, with the passing away of an actor, as much as I did with Soumitra Chatterjee. I think I had connected and related well with him. His debut in Satyajit Ray’s Apur Sansar had touched both my heart and mind. His portrayal of Feluda was again a sensation and all his movies till recently, even at the age of 85, took me closer to him. I have seen him perform live reciting Tagore’s ‘Sesher Kobita’ and reading out his speech at the Ritwik Ghatak Memorial Lecture, and was awestruck on both occasions. Covid-19 took him to the hospital. He won the battle with Covid-19 but lost the war after 40 days against co-morbidities. I have been watching his interviews for the last three days and my admiration for him has become stronger. You have given us galore, now rest in peace, Soumitrada.

Qute Auto

I could not see the UberAuto which had arrived for me. This was because it was not the stereotyped Auto but a ‘qute’ four-wheeler. The driver saw my facial expression and knew it was my first encounter with this kind of vehicle. “ Is this an Auto?” I asked. Yes, said the driver proudly. He further added that 15000 such vehicles were released in Bengaluru.

POV-Orange Fire Flower

If you call it ‘flame of the forest’ it is descriptive of its colour orange. If you call it Butea Monosperma, it speaks of its medicinal uses to manage diarrhea, get rid of worms in the intestine and also acts as an antioxidant. Palash flower, as I call it , is essential for worshipping Saraswati , the goddess of learning, music, art, speech, wisdom and knowledge. As an amateur photographer it is a POV.

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