When the Oil meets the Milk

ParachuteThe spiritual promotional feature in today’s TOI ‘The Speaking Tree’ carried a half page advertisement with a trial pouch. The ‘tree’ spoke of coconut, call it a fruit, drupe or a nut. It offers the best of both, oil and milk, nourishment and moisturizer for the hair. And if you apply the content from the sample of Parachute Advansed Coconut Crème Oil and post your picture you may feature in their Facebook cover page. When oil meets the milk, oiling gets re-invented. This is ‘Oil Ka Naya Style’.

Trick or Treat

Yesterday evening the children in our neighbourhood kept us busy by ringing our door bell and telling us “Trick or treat”. They came in batches. Some 30 of them. I had to rush out and get some candies to ‘treat’ them, or else, one never knows what kind of ‘trick’ they had in mind for us. It seems Halloween has traveled from the West and become a pre-Diwali fun game for our children too.

Met Fuad a Sudanese student in Bengaluru

Whenever I saw a new Indian face in Khartoum I used to greet him and include him in my mailing list of ‘Indians in Sudan’. This helped me to build a good networking with the Indian community, be it in Omdurman, Khartoum, Kassala, and Port Sudan. Now that I’m back in Bengaluru, India I have noticed a few Sudanese students in my neighbourhood. Met Fuad in the morning on a Sunday at the market. We both were buying vegetables. He was surprised to hear me speak Arabic with a Sudanese dialect and was amazed to know that I had spent 15 years in his motherland.bhaskar.chak_43779293_276285859685253_6736979727464004598_n

Durga Pujas Bengaluru 2018

The last Durga Puja that I had seen in India was 15 years back. So there was a special excitement in me this year. In 2002 there were very few Durga Puja pandals in Bangalore but someone said that this year the number was 125. Durga Puja is a festival and cultural programs are part of it. This also includes traditional drumming and prayer dance at the pandal. Here is a glimpse of the idols made in Bengaluru.

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Bapu@150 in Sudan

 In 1935 Mahatma Gandhi on his way to England had stopped over at Port Sudan and met the members of the Indian Community who hailed from the same region as Gandhi in India. The name of Gandhi is known to young and old in Sudan.I have met more than one Sudanese person named Gandhi.There is a street named after Gandhi.On the occasion of 150 years of celebrating the Mahatma popular Sudanese singer Reemaz Mirghani sang Bapu’s favourite song Vaishnava Jana to…

Dental Implant on the same day but make it in the morning

Patients should get their Dental procedures done in the morning. Be it extraction, root canal or implants. In the evening the patient has already had a stressful day. The Dentist’s chair invites more stress and anxiety and the patient does not cooperate with the Dental surgeons procedures. I’m speaking from personal experience. I had fixed an appointment for extraction of my impacted molar and the next molar on Friday evening. I thought I could rest on following two days being Saturday and Sunday. I had delivered four lecture sessions on Friday and I was more stressed in the Dentist’s chair. I was very anxious and could not give my full cooperation to the extraction procedure of my molar. The confident and dexterous dental surgeon called it a day and asked me to come the next morning.
The next morning I not only got my two molars extracted smoothly but I walked back home from the clinic with two implants. It was like getting rid of the old teeth and getting new ones the same day. Thanks to Doctors at #ParthaDental.

Traditional pharmacies to go on strike with the threat of online pharmacies.

While transferring the money through the mobile app to the KBC participant tonight, I heard Amitabh Bacchhan say ‘Aaj kal Digital ka zamana hai’ – the new digital age. And tomorrow, on 29 Sept, we have an All India Strike by the Chemists & Druggists (Medicine Retailers) in protest against the newly emerged On Line Pharmacies. #Netmeds.com –India ki Pharmacy; #Medlife; #Frontline Pharmacy ; #MediBuddy; #Practo; #Medikabazar; #1mg; #PharmEasy. These are some of the on line chemists. Like how Amazon and Flipkart have come to stay, so will the e-Chemists. My friends have said that on line pharmacies will benefit patients and senior citizens who will get their medicines delivered at home on a regular basis. On line confidential consultations can also be made with anonymity. Moreover medicines will be much more affordable on line. What we need is a strong regulation and strict adherence to guidelines of Schedule H & X drugs. Even in business models with digital touch points the human factor makes a lot of difference in credibility and trust. Hope the on line e-Pharmacies will live up to these expectations.

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‘Jugaad’ for Creative Destruction

The ‘Negatives’ or film rolls of the old camera have become a victim of ‘Creative Destruction’ and sadly ‘Kodak moments’ are now of bankruptcy. However our Photo Studios in the city have found a ‘Jugaad’ (innovative fix) for these rolls. They scan and digitalise these rolls and give you prints. Digital transformation of one roll or five strips with medium resolution costs Rs.300 and with high resolution Rs.500. So next time you take out your old suitcases and find negatives of your past, be positive.

A Vegan Lunch –a birthday resolution?

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The way it has gone viral, most of you must have watched Phillip Wollen, in social media, speak of his support for Animal Rights and about being a Vegan. I was surprised to know that this Australian Philanthropist was born in Bangalore. I was reminded of him when my daughter took me to a vegan restaurant in Bangalore. I have tried to capture my first time experience through these pictures. Let me add that the Ragi Roti (Millet bread) looked like the ‘burger pack’ and the raw banana fry which was served as a starter appeared like a fish piece. Can I ever become a Vegan?