Barrel of monkeys up to their tricks

On World Animal Day , I’m reminded of this ‘barrel’ of monkeys whom I caught performing monkey tricks in Kenya ,2015 . There are many collective nouns for monkeys: tribe, troop, carload, cartload and barrel. I chose the one suggested by The English Nut #WorldAnimalDay

A memory of elephants

Elephants are known for their incredible memory. They never forget an elephant they have met before, no matter how long ago. They also remember the paths to sources of water and food. This power of recall is the key of their survival. The two collective nouns used for elephants are herd or memory. I prefer the latter as suggested by The English Nut #theenglishnut. Here is a ‘memory’ of elephants (pun intended) from Masai Mara, Kenya,2015

Digital Marketing | Second Edition by Seema Gupta

Marketing is dynamic. Digital Marketing is even more dynamic. Algorithms keep changing and Marketers need to keep abreast with the developments. If you have authored a text book on Digital Marketing in 2018, you need to publish an updated edition in 2020. This is exactly what Prof.Seema Gupta did with her book titled Digital Marketing | Second Edition published by Mc Graw Hill. I have been following Seema Gupta, Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, for the last two years. I have studied her first edition and now, I have the pleasure of buying her second edition from Amazon.

Digital Marketing | Second Edition by Seema Gupta is a must for both practitioners as well as beginners. The new paperback, with cover design suggesting connected globalized world, carries 126 additional pages, all coloured on glossy paper. There are four new chapters namely Digital Analytics, Video Marketing, Online Reputation Management and Technological Advancements in Digital Marketing. Digital Analytics replaces the chapter Web Analytics, as in the first edition, and includes Affiliate Marketing. Video Marketing tells us how it can be leveraged by using different social media platforms including YouTube which was covered earlier in Display Advertising. The last two chapters, Chapter 13 is Online Reputation Management and Chapter 14 is Technological Advancements in Digital Marketing. These two chapters are web chapters which you have to get from McGraw Hill online learning centre on Connect. If you have difficulties in getting these two web chapters, please get in touch with me

Rashtrapati who loved to take the role of a priest in his village Durga Puja

Durga Puja is an annual religious and cultural event where a Bengali takes up a role close to his or her heart. My mother used to cook the ‘bhog’ the community lunch, I used to take the stage to act in plays and everyone has a role in organizing the community event in our respective villages, towns or cities. Former President of India, Pranab Mukherjee loved to take the garb of a priest in his village Durga Puja at his ancestral home in Miriti, Birbhum District , West Bengal, even when he was the Rashtrapati. While the Nation bids adieu to Bharat Ratna , Statesman and Political Leader Pranab Mukherjee, people in Miriti will miss his ‘Sondhi Pujo’ during Durga Puja.

The first woman cardiologist in India was also the oldest working physician till Covid took her life at 103

This must have been in the late 90s that I had met the first woman cardiologist of India Dr. Padmavati Sivaramakrishna Iyer. I remember that the Padma Vibhushan awardee had shared with me that she was born in Rangoon (then in Burma now called Myanmar) and had studied her MBBS there, before she went to London for FRCP and then to Johns Hopkins and Harvard Medical School. Dr. Padmavati was Director of National Heart Institute, Delhi and Founder President of All India Heart Foundation. She was the oldest working Cardiologist till she succumbed to Covid-19 on Saturday night at the age of 103. Amazing lady she was. Rest in peace.

Some of you prefer the spray to the wipes-Savlon disinfectant spray

Last time when I discussed the Savlon Germ Protection Wet Wipes – 72 Wipes | Multi Purpose | Fights Germs on Hands, Body and Surfaces | Easy to Carry | Use at home, office, in car and out of home , some of you expressed your preference for Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray, For Hard & Soft Surfaces, 170g (230ml) My wife has kept both at home. Whenever she wants to wipe the germs away she uses the wet wipes and she also keeps the spray handy. Wipe or spray Savlon is the dependable one to kill 99.99% germs. #covid19 #disinfectantspray

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