Gifted face mask to my sister on Bhai Dooj

According to mythology, Yamraj, the God of Death visited his sister Yami or Yamuna. He was welcomed by his sister with ‘tilak’. Moved by his sister’s love, Yamraj presented her with a significant gift of love and affection. The God of Death also declared that any brother who would receive a ‘tilak’ from his sister on this day, should never be afraid of death. On receiving my tilak from my sister, I gifted her with face masks and I’m less afraid of death, due to Covid-19.

You have given us galore Soumitrada, now rest in peace

Never felt so sad and forlorn before, with the passing away of an actor, as much as I did with Soumitra Chatterjee. I think I had connected and related well with him. His debut in Satyajit Ray’s Apur Sansar had touched both my heart and mind. His portrayal of Feluda was again a sensation and all his movies till recently, even at the age of 85, took me closer to him. I have seen him perform live reciting Tagore’s ‘Sesher Kobita’ and reading out his speech at the Ritwik Ghatak Memorial Lecture, and was awestruck on both occasions. Covid-19 took him to the hospital. He won the battle with Covid-19 but lost the war after 40 days against co-morbidities. I have been watching his interviews for the last three days and my admiration for him has become stronger. You have given us galore, now rest in peace, Soumitrada.

Qute Auto

I could not see the UberAuto which had arrived for me. This was because it was not the stereotyped Auto but a ‘qute’ four-wheeler. The driver saw my facial expression and knew it was my first encounter with this kind of vehicle. “ Is this an Auto?” I asked. Yes, said the driver proudly. He further added that 15000 such vehicles were released in Bengaluru.

POV-Orange Fire Flower

If you call it ‘flame of the forest’ it is descriptive of its colour orange. If you call it Butea Monosperma, it speaks of its medicinal uses to manage diarrhea, get rid of worms in the intestine and also acts as an antioxidant. Palash flower, as I call it , is essential for worshipping Saraswati , the goddess of learning, music, art, speech, wisdom and knowledge. As an amateur photographer it is a POV.

Barrel of monkeys up to their tricks

On World Animal Day , I’m reminded of this ‘barrel’ of monkeys whom I caught performing monkey tricks in Kenya ,2015 . There are many collective nouns for monkeys: tribe, troop, carload, cartload and barrel. I chose the one suggested by The English Nut #WorldAnimalDay

A memory of elephants

Elephants are known for their incredible memory. They never forget an elephant they have met before, no matter how long ago. They also remember the paths to sources of water and food. This power of recall is the key of their survival. The two collective nouns used for elephants are herd or memory. I prefer the latter as suggested by The English Nut #theenglishnut. Here is a ‘memory’ of elephants (pun intended) from Masai Mara, Kenya,2015

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